Professors from Department of Management and Innovation Systems, University of Salerno, Italy, visited Epoka University for starting a research and teaching fellowship

February 13th, 2017

On February 13, 2017, guests from the Department of Management and Innovation Systems and from the interdepartmental research center SIMAS, University of Salerno, Italy, visited the Department of Business Administration of Epoka University in the framework of the agreement that both institutions have signed. This agreement aims at research collaboration and teaching experience exchange among institutions. For the purpose of implementing the said agreement, the BUS Department started an intensive 3 months research and teaching collaboration (fellowship) with the following visiting professors: Prof. Maria Ciasullo, Dr. Debora Sarno, Dr. Orlando Troisi, and Dr. Luca Carrubbo. The inauguration was held under a joint meeting, where the leading scholar of the group, Prof. Francesco Polese, at the same time Director of the Research Center SIMAS, opened the session with an interdisciplinary presentation to the colleagues of the Department of Business Administration.

During the meeting the focus was extended on several topics. Prof. Polese presented the actual R&D projects of SIMAS and the possible common research opportunities for EU Projects and beyond. Some of the projects are as follow:

-“Smart Power Systems”; a project on renewable energy in collaboration also with GetraSpA; a company engaging in the production of large power transformers, medium power, and distribution in the Italian market with a major presence in key European markets and beyond.

- “ADD Protection”; a project in healthcare, aiming to make possible controlling chronic diseases from home without the physical presence in the hospital.

- “POMOVINO”; a project in the field of agriculture to make possible the distant control of large areas of plants through drones by increasing efficiency.

- “ABACO”; a project in collaboration with IBM in the tourism and destination marketing, aiming to help both customers and businesses by providing solutions which save efforts and lower operational costs. In other words, making smarter cities and communities through social innovation.

Afterwards, the group of researchers presented scientific research lines, interdisciplinary and interconnected. They focused on IBM’s Service Science, Systems Thinking and Theory, Operations Management, and Value Co-Creation. It was stated that importance of Service Dominant Logic (SD – Logic) as a scientific paradigm in marketing since 2004 and the real practical implications of service. The vital fields of the society such as tourism, healthcare and public transportation were among the service ecosystem components in which the implication of SD – Logic and Service Science was immense and crucial. Moreover it has been stated that healthcare management especially as one of the main components of afore mentioned service ecosystem contained two important research questions needed to be addressed: The value co-creation measurability and whether it was possible or not the reinterpretation of social phenomena as service ecosystems.

The meeting concluded with a brief description from Prof. Poleseabout the upcoming prestigious event “Naples Forum on Service 2017”, and topics such as S-D logic, Viable Systems Approach, Service Science and Network Theory.