Department Chair

March 4th, 2016

Department Chair

Department Chair

Welcome Speech of Department’s Chair

EPOKA University is a young energized and leader university in Albania and a highly competitive one throughout Western Balkans. The Department of Business Administration (BUS Department) is one of the strongest pillars of the university and actually the biggest one by number of programs and students.

As the responsible person of BUS Department I would like to emphasize that we as a team strongly believe that organizational performance depends closely on leadership behaviors, commitment, and inclusiveness. These all require understanding deeply the nature of humans by nurturing a constructivist and systems perspective, and by developing day by day good skills of emotional intelligence.

At BUS Department, people come first. We do not differentiate if they are academicians, supporting administrative staff or students. For us diversity matters.

Our global perspective for Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs at BUS has been attracting the attention of international academicians and candidates from several countries. We focus on global quality standards implemented in an extremely dynamic environment. Based on this perspective, we inspire our students how to “manage” effectively and efficiently with universal principles and ethical mindset.

In conclusion to this first salutation I would like to summarize the spirit of BUS Department with the words of Henry Ford:

“Coming together is a beginning;

Keeping together is progress;

Working together is success.”

I invite you to experience this exciting atmosphere at BUS Department of EPOKA.


Dr. Xhimi Hysa

Head of Business Administration Department

Epoka University