Tung Ideve StartUp 2015 - 27 March

April 1st, 2015

Tung Ideve StartUp 2015 - 27 March

Tung Ideve StartUp 2015 - 27 March

The second day of “Tung Ideve” StartUp 2015 was the day when the winners of the competition would be announced.

All the students were gathered early in the morning to get ready for the exhibition and the presentation before the jury.

There were 16 groups in total to be competing for the first three prizes:

  1. E-Fiscal
  2. Eden Park
  3. WGH
  4. Meet your future
  5. We brain
  6. Smart-scape
  7. UCC
  8. Kfree
  9. Vespa Taxi
  10. Rinis
  11. Hatkabana
  12. Cool-Tour
  13. Fittie
  14. Vepro.al
  15. em
  16. GraphITi

The evaluation criteria were described prior to the students in order to give them the possibility to prepare a remarkable presentation. The evaluation was divided in two sections.

In the first section the jury members were able to interact closely with all the members of each team during the exhibition of the business models. This allowed them to look deeper into the business concept and create a more accurate view of the business idea.

After the exhibition, the teams were able to give a short presentation of 5 minutes in front of the jury members, the guests and other participants of the competition. The voting process was explained in the beginning of the program to all the guests in the Conference Hall in order to have an ethical and transparent voting. The jury members would give points from 1 to 5 to each team for every evaluation criteria. After all the presentations were finished the total of points given by all the jury members were calculated for each team and the first three places were announced.

The Minister for Innovation and Public Administration, Mrs. Milena Harito, honored the event with her presence and the inspiring word she addressed to all the students by appraising their ideas and hard work and encouraging them to further expand their knowledge and use their huge potential and energies to thrive new innovative ideas.

When the voting process was finished, the first three winners were announced.

3rd place winners: Vepro.al

2nd place winners: Kfree

1st place winners: Fittie

The winners of the third place won a prize sponsored by Nobis Wellness Center which included a daily treatment package in each area of the center for all the members of the winning team.

The second place prize was sponsored by Vodafone Albania which offered to the winners one month training in the departments of finance and information technology.

The winners of “Tung Ideve” StartUp 2015 received a check of €600 and six month incubation for their innovative business idea offered by Epoka University.