Modeling of a parliamentary session - "We vote for tolerance"

November 15th, 2013

Modeling of a parliamentary session -

Modeling of a parliamentary session - "We vote for tolerance"

This activity was the second for Conflict Resolution Club, which brought together 62 delegates from the best high schools in Tirana. This parliamentary session was held in Epoka University Campus on 15th of November, 2013. After the speeches the most voted projects passed on the Parliamentary resolution. International Day of Tolerance was the main incentive of this format which was supported by the Ministry of Education and Sports. Present in the Opening Ceremony was the main Advisor of the Ministry of Education and Sports, Mr. Pëllumb Karameta, the Rector of Epoka University Prof. Dr. Remzi Altin and the Head of Political Sciences and International Relations Department Prof. Dr. Salih Özcan. This event was honored with the participation of the distinguished jury members, PhD Candidate. Alban Tartari, PhD Candidate Odeta Berberi, PhD Candidate Reina Zenelaj Shehi and MSc. Miranda Guri.

Mr. Karameta valued Epoka University for the serious dedication to finalize the main mission of offering a significant qualitative academic education. He congratulated Epoka University especially for supporting the club activities, which is important for each student not only for the academic life but mainly for the values it puts in our society.  Mr. Karameta honored all the high school delegates for the attention towards such excellent activities. He once more underlined the importance of the Tolerance in the development of Albanian Society.  

The high schools present in this session were: “A.Z.Çajupi”, “Eurolingua”, “Harry Fultz”, “Ismail Qemali”, “Mehmet Akif (Vajza)”, “Mehmet Akif (Djem)”,  “Memorial International School of Tirana”, “Myslym Keta”, “Petro Nini Luarasi”, “Qemal Stafa”.

The representative were prepared mainly focused on 7 topics: the tolerance to eliminate racial discrimination, gender discrimination, religion tolerance, the tolerance between generations, tolerance and authority in administrative environments and tolerance in the world of internet.

The parliamentary session was organized with two sessions were the delegates were presenting their proposals on the issues discussed. After the voting process of each proposal the session finalized seven proposals of the ultimate resolution.

The closing ceremony was based on distribution of the certificates and the prices for the approved proposals and also by congratulating the members of the Conflict Resolution Club that were the main organizers of this event.