Dream Business Competition

February 1st, 2013

Dream Business Competition

Dream Business Competition

Who knows what kind of Businesses and industries will be born a decade from now and how the innovation system will look like?

Ten years ago, Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia didn't exist. Ten years before that, we didn't have the Web. Innovation is rapidly changing the way businesses work and impacting globalization.

But it is not only about the technology. It is also about innovative ideas, creative entrepreneur and new opportunities. With the creative ideas on your business plan you can be an entrepreneur or "one who undertakes innovations, finance and business wisdom in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods for the particular corporation. Your new ideas will result in new organizations or may be part of recreating grown-up organizations in response to opportunities.

One thing is certain: future won't look the same as now. Your country’s economy will be changes as new entrepreneurs will seek to generate productive businesses.  Innovation is the development of new customer’s value by meeting new needs, or old customer and market needs in value adding new ways.

1st Round – Call for projects (Application period) - 01. 02 – 19.04.2013

In the first round of the competition you are asked to create and envision your dream job or dream company. It is all about innovation. It can be the creation of a new business which makes you a new entrepreneur or you can generate innovative ideas for an existing business in your country.

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